Magnetise Media’s industry-leading AdCentre offers proprietary technology that enables brands to gain prospects and new customers through multiple channels.
Trade on reliable metrics
Our pricing models are aligned to your end objectives, offering you added transparency and enabling you to drive results. Whether it’s cost-per-lead, enquiry or customer, we deliver real, tangible results.
A tailor-made offering
We design and implement highly targeted, bespoke creative to ensure your campaign captures attention and drives results. Our market-leading creative formats help to maximise conversions and increase revenue across multiple mainstream channels (display, email, text, mobile).
A high return on investment
With AdCentre, you will benefit from industry-leading technology and a proven track record that can deliver a high return on investment.
Unparalleled quality controls
AdCentre’s industry leading data validation, segmentation and de-duplication ensures you receive and pay for only the highest quality prospects and customers.
Low-risk customer acquisition
We’re a 24/7 business and our constant feedback and conversion loop optimisation results in accountable ROI positive marketing.

Vertical Solutions

Magnetise Media offers a diverse portfolio of highly-focused, targeted websites delivering industry-leading vertical solutions.
Industry focused
From Financial Services to DIY, we design and create industry focused lead generation sites, enabling you to reach the right audience and acquire new customers.
Complete transparency
We offer a fixed cost-per-enquiry, cost-per-lead or sale, ensuring you have total transparency of your advertising spend.
Real-time access
We run live feeds and transfers of verified leads and customers directly to your system. Our real-time access enables you to target a prospect the very moment they show interest.
Detailed reporting
Our proprietary real-time reporting system offers a secure and intuitive self-service interface.


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