Almost ten years ago, with a proven track record in online marketing, an entrepreneur and a tech-guru set up Magnetise Group with the aim of generating business for clients. 

The Magnetise Media division adopts a bespoke, real-time approach to generating high-quality prospects online. Over the years, we’ve successfully developed and fine-tuned a range of highly sophisticated proprietary technologies, which enable businesses to reach and convert the right audience

At Magnetise, you’ll find a truly passionate and dedicated group of people. Techies work closely with designers, copywriters and marketeers to ensure a fully integrated approach, with a strong focus

We have unparalleled experience and we are 100% committed to ensuring client satisfaction and success. So if you’re ready to secure some high-quality, high-volume prospects, give us a call on 020 7078 8298.


Magnetise Media delivers high-quality, high-volume potential new customers. Through a number of online marketing channels, we enable you to identify and engage with verified prospects in real-time

When executed well, lead generation can be a very cost efficient way of reaching your target audience. We ensure you make the most of your online marketing budget by identifying your targets, connecting with them in a highly engaging manner and converting prospects into real customers. 

We also work closely with publishers to enhance user experience, develop relevant and engaging content and ultimately maximise the revenue potential of their website. 

We benefit from industry leading technology and a proven track record, but we don’t just rest on our laurels. We are committed to innovation and our continued investment in research and development helps us to stay ahead of the game.